About us

            We are Richard and Dennis. We have been working in the gambling industry for a long time and during that time we have gained much experience and knowledge in that field. For that reason, we decided to create a website and make our knowledge available to all the people who do not know how and where to gamble. On our website, you can find a wide variety of strategies, and information about the most popular casino games and poker. The materials on MyCasinoStrategy.com will help you learn how to bet, how to make the casino advantage lower, and how to have fun while gambling.


Ние ще се радваме ако споделите вашето мнение и опит с нас. Вие също може да ни изпращате стратегии или всякаква полезна информация, която сте намерили и ние ще я качим на сайта за да е достъпна за повече хора. Моля, използвайте контактната форма по-долу и ние ще се свържем с вас скоро.

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