PAINT - A face card - Jack, Queen or King.
PAIR - Two cards that have one and the same rank.
PASS - To fold, not to bet.
PAT - In draw poker, a hand that doesn't need to draw cards.
PAT - In blackjack, a hand of seventeen or more.
PAY CYCLE - The number of plays for a machine to go through all winning and non-winning combinations possible.
PAYLINE - On slot machines, the line on which each reel's symbols have to line up.
PAYOFF - The payback a player receives for his wager.
PAYOUT PERCENTAGE - In video/slot machines, the percent of each dollar that the machine returns to the player.
PAYOUT TABLE - A sign on the video poker or slot machine that indicates how much you will get for each winning combination you complete.
PIGEON - An unsophisticated gambler.
PIT - A place in the casino where a group of table games are arranged.
PIT BOSS - A person who supervises the pit area in a casino. Usually, he supervises more than one table and is giving comps to good players, settles disputes and is watching for players who try cheating.
POCKET CARDS - In poker, cards which are dealt face down.
POINT - In craps, the point is established on the number of the value of the rolled dice on the come-out roll.
POT - In a poker game, it is the amount of money that accumulates in the middle of the table and it goes to the winner of the hand.
PRESS A BET - Adding the winnings to the original bet and wagering them together.
PRESSING - Adding the winnings to the original bet and wagering them together.
PROBABILITY - In mathematics, calculation that determines the likelihood of a certain event to happen.
PROGRESSIVE - A slot machine whose jackpot increases with every bet that is placed. When the progressive jackpot hits, it is reset to its starting number and start accumulating again.
PUSH - A tie hand, when neither the player nor the dealer/casino wins.